Appointment Setting

The most popular service that we offer to our clients is B2B appointment setting, in which our telemarketing agents will schedule an appointment for you or your sales team with a qualified decision maker who is educated and interested in your product or service. Depending on the campaign you are looking to run, we can advise on either Face to Face, Online Presentation or Telephone Appointments. Whether you are looking to cut costs, or simply increase the number of qualified appointments.
We use our disciplined prospecting process to create a robust campaign that will increase your revenue while lowering your cost per sale.

ppointment Setting

Included With Our B2B Appointment Setting Campaigns:

List Selection

B2B Galaxy will work with you to select the best industries and lists to target key prospects for your products. A campaign can only be as good as the prospect list so we work hard to make sure we are working from the most targeted and up-to-date list possible.

Multi-Touch Sales System

We have a multi-touch prospecting approach whereby we follow-up with prospects after our calls with emails or faxes. This multi-touch approach helps to engage a prospect, generate interest in your products and set qualified appointments.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

We provide our clients with robust reporting and campaign monitoring capabilities. B2B Galaxy will develop customized reports delivering our clients the data needed to monitor their appointment setting campaign.

Call Approach

We believe that strategic and well thought out call approaches are vital to the success of our client’s appointment setting campaign. We work with our clients to develop a concise and powerful call approach based on your value proposition, success stories, objectives and appointment setting qualification criteria.

Training Program

B2B Galaxy will develop a training program to teach, review and assess our agent’s understanding of the client’s products and value proposition.

Top Performing Professionals

Our marketing professionals are top performers. Before becoming a B2B Galaxy agent they must complete a rigorous application and interview process. Our agents have strong business backgrounds and know how to set qualified appointments.