Multilingual Marketing Service

Multilingual Marketing Service is a core requirement for many large companies to establish new markets with the professional and multinational support of B2B Galaxy. We focus on new business possibilities across Europe and beyond, with outsourcing of your pre-sales activities. Break national barriers and reach customers in Paris, Berlin and Rome as easily as reaching your neighbour.

Understanding the different approaches, and subtle cultural norms, of different business environments is essential when conducting an international direct-marketing campaign. Our experience means we understand how to construct campaigns that respond to local needs and deliver your objectives.
Your products and services can be placed very quickly in this global world.

Your company can substantially increase its reach into new international markets. In Cooperation with you, B2B GALAXY develops a strategy that considers regional preferences. Our team has a lot of experience in setting up and running multinational campaigns in many languages.

Our multilingual services include:

  • Native speaking marketing team
  • Implementation of local geographical telephone numbers, using VOIP
  • Set up of a customised and multilingual CRM solution

Multilingual Marketing Service