We commissioned B2B Galaxy in July 2014 for a Lead Generation campaign in Germany focused on Appointment Setting to create a new sales pipeline for our sales team. Our products require in-depth know-how and technical expertise.

From day one B2B Galaxy became an integral part of our marketing and sales strategy. Comparing the quality and preparation of the agents at B2B Galaxy with that of other agencies, I found B2B Galaxy to be outstanding and by far the best I have worked with. This is evident from the quality of appointments and the information I was provided about each appointment. Also one extra bonus was their intelligent route planning services, which saved resources, time and money!

We was left speechless by their work from the very beginning and implementation of the campaign, through to a specifically modified CRM for us which our sales team shared with the B2B Galaxy team leaving the campaign completely transparent and made our work together very efficient.

The management team of B2B Galaxy is very responsive, flexible and it is always a great pleasure to work with them. In B2B Galaxy, we have found the ideal partner and I would recommend them to any company that is looking for a quality service because B2B Galaxy has got it right!

Philip KellerArea Manager Berlin - Gorilla LED GmbH

As a long-established and experienced project manager in a key account environment, this was a new experience to be provided qualified appointments in my target range of customers by an external service. From the beginning their cooperation has had the utmost professionalism. The team at B2B Galaxy has adapted to my needs and was able to directly generate valuable appointments. By sharing a team calendar appointments were placed so that they could be optimally integrated into my driving routes.

I have received appointments with a highly detailed description requirement. So I knew exactly which approaches will be discussed at each relevant appointment. Being so detailed in their approach allowed me to be able to prepare for each appointment and thus realize the maximum potential. The contact persons were well informed with a real need and a genuine interest in meeting with me.

I am very satisfied with the services provided by B2B Galaxy and would recommend the company as a very reliable partner

Gerhard Häfner Dipl.-Ing Key Account Projektmanager – TRILUX

I first got to know B2B Galaxy while working for tibbr (TIBCO Software Inc.) as Director of Field Marketing, Demand Generation. I was searching for a company which provided Lead Generation and Telemarketing services for German speaking markets and I came across B2B Galaxy. After a few calls with B2B Galaxy they installed me with enough confidence to run the campaign with them.

I found the team of B2B Galaxy to be intelligent, reliable and very easy to work with. They definitely helped me to achieve the goals which I had set for the DACH region. B2B Galaxy became a trusted and reliable partner, so I am happy to recommend B2B Galaxy to anyone who wants to achieve great results with a partner in Europe they can rely on.

Jeneane CrawfordDirector of Field Marketing and Demand Generation – Tibco Software Inc.

Within the LED lighting sector, there are many suppliers and the experience of the customer is not always a positive one. Therefore, the acquisition of new clients in trade and industry can be difficult, requiring a knowledgeable and confidence inspiring company to aid us in new client acquisition.

After only a short brief by brainLUX Beleuchtungsoptimierung GmbH, B2B Galaxy showed us they were the right choice for aiding us in new client acquisition. This has been confirmed in the consistency of the appointments which we have received they have been excellent from the first appointment. Their professional and friendly approach means we have a very pleasant cooperation

Wendelin BieserGeschäftsführer - brainLUX Beleuchtungsoptimierung GmbH

We started collaborating with the team at B2B Galaxy in order to find new clients and projects within industrial and agricultural sectors for our range of Biomass boilers and heaters.

Having had contact with the team before it was an easy decision in contacting them to help with this project. They are highly professional in their work and the leads that they provide are always accurate, with a genuine interest in seeing our products.

Sharing the team calendar was a new feature for me but was great and easy to use, I uploaded all my appointments and blocked dates, this way we had no confusion and never had a collision with my current busy schedule. By sharing the calendar they was able to implement their intelligent route planning by seeing where I had appointments and going about setting appointments on the current routes that I already had planned.

I would recommend B2B Galaxy to become a trusted partner for any company. They are honest, reliable and prepared. With an international experience which sets them apart from every other agency which we have had contact with.

Jessika HeinzeMarketing and Sales Manager – MicarBiomasa S.L.

Working with the team at B2B Galaxy has been a great experience. Both Thomas and Aaron had many innovative ideas whilst always striving to push the project into the next level. Cutting corners is not part of their vocabulary they gave the highest level of professionalism and quality to our project together and expected the highest quality from Actual Soft Solutions.

I now see B2B Galaxy as a company which I can rely on in the future. I am extremely happy about being able to collaborate with them on future European projects and they shall become a very strategic ally in being able to grow my business in Europe.

Bhoobala Krishnan BalaramanFounder & Developer – Actual Soft Solutions Private Limited

B2B Galaxy raised my expectations of what you can expect from a Lead Generation Company. In these times of quantity of over quality, the professionals at B2B Galaxy have got it right and they were a pleasure to work with. Aaron was my contact in B2B galaxy, he was a pleasure to work with and had a fresh new approach to a demanding business. I think his previous experience in other roles has prepared him for excellence.

But whatever your lead generation needs are, I recommend B2B Galaxy as that trusted and reliable partner every company needs for sourcing new clients in today’s demanding world. With so much competition on the market, B2B Galaxy can open doors and aid sales teams with finding your next client.

Arthur CronosLead-Generation Expert and Author

I do recommend Thomas as a very experienced, dedicated and customer oriented person. We worked together in a lead generation project. He aimed always for close collaboration and high lead quality.

Chris KaelinStrategic Account Manager - Brocade Communications, Switzerland